SB Community Federal Credit Union features a wide array of account options to help you save for anything from your kids' braces to your retirement, plus have convenient access for your purchases.

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Savings/Regular Shares

A share account is the primary account opened when becoming a member. It can be used for overdraft protection on your checking, secured funds for "Share Secured Loans", and is an excellent way to put aside money!

Reg DThe credit union must comply with Regulation D transaction limits for Share Accounts. The limit set by Reg. D is 6 (six) transfers/withdrawals from a Share account. For further information please refer to the following document: Reg. D Information

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Checking/Share Draft

Our Share Draft account is a great way to write checks and use a Debit card without paying large fees!

  • NO service charge or monthly fee
  • NO minimum balance required
  • NO per check fees
  • Overdraft Privilege available
  • ATM/Debit cards available (NO monthly fee! See Services)
  • Online Bill Pay (CU*EasyPay) Visit the E-Service section for more details

We also have our REWARDS CHECKING... earn dividends on your checking account and NO FEE!

That's right! You can earn dividends on your checking account by meeting certain requirements and there is NO FEE for not doing the requirements, you just don't earn dividends that month and can try again the next month.

It's that simple, sign up for Rewards Checking then either do the simple requirements and earn dividends or don't do the requirements and it's just a regular checking!

All you have to do is:

  • E-statements
  • Login to Home Banking at least 1 time a month
  • Payroll Direct Deposit of at least $300 a month
  • Use your Debit Card at least 10 times a month

That's it! If you do those 4 things every month you will earn monthly dividends! If you miss a requirement it will be like a regular checking account for that month and you have the opportunity to earn dividends the next month. Sign up today!

Call us today to learn more!

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Share Certificate Accounts

Certificate accounts offer excellent interest rates that are higher than Regular Share accounts. They have a minimum deposit of $500 and offer terms of 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

Check our Rates section or log into It's Me 247 (online banking) and get started!

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High Yield

This account is a great way to save money with higher interest rates and still have access to your money! Log into Online Banking to view the great rates!

  • Minimum balance of $2,000
  • The higher the balance the higher the dividend rate!
  • 4 free withdrawals a month

Check out our Rates section for current earnings or log into It’s Me 247 (online banking) and get started!

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IRA/IRA Certificates (Individual Retirement Arrangements)

Planning for retirement is a very important decision. We offer Traditional IRA's, Roth IRA's, and IRA Certificates.

Here are some basics for IRA’s:

  • Traditional:
    • Can contribute if you have taxable compensation but not after age 70 1/2
    • Tax-deferred earnings (possibly tax deductible)
    • When you withdraw it will be treated as taxable income
    • Can withdraw after age 59 1/2
    • Must take required minimum distributions at age 70 1/2
  • Roth:
    • Can contribute if you have taxable compensation and your modified adjusted gross income is below certain amounts
    • Not tax deductible
    • Can withdraw tax-free after funds have been in the account for at least 5 years or you're older than 59 ½, first-time home buyer exceptions, or disabled/die
    • Do not have to take distributions when you reach age 70 1/2

***Please note IRA law is subject to change from what is posted above. For more detailed information please visit:

If you have questions we are always here to help our members, contact us today!

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Christmas Club

Do you always feel you never have enough money for the holidays? Use our Christmas Club to help you save. You can deposit as much money as you want throughout the year and on October 1st we will automatically deposit your Christmas Club balance into your savings. It's a great way to help with Christmas shopping!

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Vacation Club

Our Vacation Club is another way to save money for a special getaway. You deposit money throughout the year and May 1st we automatically deposit your balance into your savings. What a great surprise to start your summer!

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Additional Savings/Regular Shares

You can open additional savings accounts to help you budget your finances and save for your goals!

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Savings Club

SB Community Federal Credit Union offers a variety of savings clubs, suited to an array of age groups and savings goals.

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Kirby Kangaroo Club

Kirby Kangaroo Club

Kirby Kangaroo Club for ages 0 – 12

Join the Kirby Kangaroo Club and have fun saving money!!!

  • When you join you'll receive a Welcome Packet with free gifts to start your savings account!
  • Throughout the year participate in fun activities to earn great prizes!
  • You'll receive your very own quarterly newsletter!
  • Enjoy access to our website and the Kirby Kangaroo Club link that's filled with games, pictures, and stories!

Birthdays are special because YOU are special!

Look for your birthday invitation the month of your birthday to our Birthday Bowl. This is an opportunity for you to come in and grab as many coins as possible in one handful out of our "Birthday Bowl." You will then be able to count the coins and deposit them into your account!

Kirby Kangaroo Club News

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Senior $avers Club

Sign your account up for the Senior $avers Club (60 and over) and receive 1 free box of checks a year, free copies and faxes, plus upcoming events that will be announced during the year!


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